Saturday, July 25, 2015

34 Interesting Facts about Welding for Your Great Rest at Weekends (Part 4)

27. Unlimited career paths for welders to choose

Welding is such an inviting career when offering more options of industries to work in and job advancement opportunities than almost any other careers. Welders are sought after in just about every industry and those desiring to further their career can realize it with further schooling. Some fields that welders can hunt for job opportunities are engineering, inspection, robotics, project management, sales, education, to name a few.

28. Skilled welders are always highly needed

Welding is considered one of few careers always in high demand. As welding workers are highly sought after in just about every industry, they can flexibly switch between industries without changing their career. While career choices often come with ups and downs, welding offer endless job opportunities that consistently fuel the demand.

29. Welding environments can be indoor, outdoor, even in space

The first welding test in space was made in 1969 in an effort to checking whether welding can be conducted in the de-pressurized environment. Those pursuing underwater welding career receive tempting compensation. Still, it should be noted that about 20 people out of 300 have to lose their lives due to the danger related to the process.

30. The average age of welding workers these days is 50+

Most of them will be retired within few years. Then there will be required of skilled, experienced employees to replace them in coming days.

31. Welding is the hot green collar job choice

The energy industry is striving for green future with the domination of green collar jobs. There need alternative energy sources though, at the moment, what green energy source will be the winner is still a question. 

What energy source will become the winner is not that important to the welder. Welders will be in demand no matter what is built inasmuch as it is made of metal. Welding is the safest choice for a green collar job as whatever technology is developed, this career is wanted to make it real.

32. The welding career outlook is awesome

Welders are in demand at all times. Whatever economic performance, so long as there is an thriving industry, welders can land a secure job. As a welder, you can switch industries without changing your career. Over recent years, the recession has hit various careers though, welders are not the victim when simply shifting to another industry.  

33. Various types of welding are used today

The most common forms are Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). 

34. Welding, in many situations, involves incredibly high temperatures

Steel melts about 2800°F.


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