Saturday, July 11, 2015

34 Interesting Facts about Welding for Your Great Rest at Weekends (Part 1)

Fun facts about welding that may travel you through welding history and grow your love towards welding!
Ok, after long days of hard work, you should have time for your own enjoying this beautiful life. Gather with your buddies. Go shopping with your beloved family. Or just simply, go out and enjoy fresh air and love. Love is in the air. You also can read something funny to have good laugh. Below are interesting welding facts that can help you refine welding knowledge and grow more in love with this amazing job. 


Jay Leno is the celebrity comedian with large collection of antique cars and motorcycles, including models from early 1900s to latter-day vehicles. He also employed welders regularly.



NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) — Hundreds of parts from chassis, suspensions to drive-trains were hand cut, welded, and machined


Explosion welding is such a fantastic welding process. Incredibly, it can succeed in what lots of other welding methods can not – that is, joining almost every type of metal together, even the just-about-dissimilar ones.


Today’s advances in welding technology have made it absolutely necessary for such projects as constructing the International Space Station.


President Roosevelt boasted that the discovery of welding techniques allow the U.S to build ships with an unbeatable speed in the shipbuilding history.


Two firsts here! The first car manufactured with a wholly plastic body was fabricated utilizing ultrasonic welding. While plastic cars didn’t get it, ultrasonic welding did. Ultrasonic plastic welding is a good example of the friction welding process that generates energy via high intensity acoustic sounds. Those sounds, as such, make plastic pieces vibrate together and establish a bond.


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