Saturday, July 11, 2015

34 Interesting Facts about Welding for Your Great Rest at Weekends (Part 2)

Fun facts about welding that may travel you through welding history and grow your love towards welding!

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8. It seems unbelievable but it’s true that two pieces of metal without any coating on them are stuck together permanently if they touch in space. This doesn’t happen on Earth as the atmosphere places a layer of oxidized materials between the surfaces.

9. A ‘fume plume’ is the visible fume column that directly rises from the spot of cutting or welding.

10. 1,075 ft. deep  is the record for the global deepest underwater dry weld performed in a chamber sealed around the structure to be welded. It was set by Global Industries in 1990. Still, that is just half as deep as the global record of 2,000 ft. deep for wet weld. It was set by the America’s Navy in 2005. Wet welding is carried out underwater and exposed directly to the watery environment.

11. The earliest recorded welds was in 3,500 B.C, Bronze Age. Pics of welders cum their ancient tools were discovered in long sealed Egyptian tombs.

12. Welding can be done employing electric arc, laser radiation, electronic beam, gas flame, ultra-sound, rubbing.

13. The sculpture ‘Mother Motherland’ in Kiew is the all-welded structure with 450-ton weight and welded joints of around-30-kilometer length

14. 5000 °C is the highest welding temperature of burning.

15. There is a fabulous monument to a welder in Russia.

16. 2 out of 3 welding occupations are in manufacturing.

17. 55% of welders have 40 standard working hours per week in shifts of 8 to 12 hours. Relying on the project, welding workers may work overtime, adding up to 70 hours each week.

18. The median age of welders in workforce these days is 54. Many of them will retire within the upcoming 10 years, creating an enormous need for the skilled and experienced to replace them.


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