Saturday, July 18, 2015

34 Interesting Facts about Welding for Your Great Rest at Weekends (Part 3)

Fun facts about welding that may travel you through welding history and grow your love towards welding!

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19. Electric arch discovered for the first time back in 1802. The phenomena occurring in the arch was investigated and described later on. After that, the arch was practically applied. It was employed to weld and separate steel details since 1881. 10 years later, welding was advanced using the electric arch with electrode in the molten state. The first workshop in which welding works were done was founded in 1882 in Perm (Russia).

20. During the second world war, welding advancements enabled ships to be built super fast. The SS Robert E Peary set the record for the quickest constructed ship. Built in 1942, it took just 4 days, 15 hours, and 27 minutes. This record, funnily enough, has not been broken.

For the ship herself, she had a notable career as operating in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans before ultimately being scrapped in June, 1963.

21. Over 50% of all man-made products rely on welding. From the trains, cars, plants we travel around in, to buildings we work, live in, or even the computer you are working on, they all require a welding spot before becoming full functional.

22. Fascinatingly, welding is called ‘the best kept secret’ to career as this important welding skill is always in demand. 

23. From ancient time, people were familiar with welding techniques. An image of ancient welder coupled with tool has been tracked down in long sealed Egyptian tombs. Still, the modern welding form appeared just after the 19th century.

24. Welding is one of few jobs that don’t require a college degree. Welders can attain a certificate in as few as 9 months to kick up this career and earn a secure living. Welders are graded by their skill level, and most jobs require a pass in the hands-on welding test.

25. A highly skilled welder can be paid the same as a doctor or lawyer. Welding is one of limited skills whose grasper can earn a six-figure income without any college degree. The highly skilled welder not hesitating to travel or/ and work in the hazardous conditions can get a good earning of more than $100,000.000 annually. 

As far as welding comes, the pays vary much. It all relies on how skilled the welder is and how far he/ she is willing to travel. Commonly, local jobs don’t pay a lot or require lots of skills. Still, if a student learns welding pipe and accepts to travel, then the wages are almost too tempting to be true. Being a welder, your career is what you create it. You can get a pay as humbly as $20,000.00 per year, or can seriously take your career to the top. Welding is the career that return a buck to those desiring the best and willing to travel globally to collect top dollar.

26. Welders can enjoy most unbelievable travels throughout their life as their job can involve in industrial shutdowns, shipping building and repair, military support, on-board ship maintenance and repair, pipe line installation, motor sports, underwater welding.

Welding means amazing travels


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