Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welding Engineers: How to Recruit Fit and Proper Ones

Consider those things to hire the best fit welding engineers for your company’s rosy future!

It is not easy for recruiters to seek out welding engineers, or welding engineering managers they really need. It is not a joke that many job titled welding engineers have limited or zero training in physics and sciences of welding, and many are unqualified, just knowledgeable enough to enable welding processes. And to make the picture more complicated, welding engineering programs take different approaches and different ideas as related to what a welding engineer is and what should be the job description.

Below delves into how to fill the welding engineering post in an effective way with reference to experience, job description, title, responsibilities, training skills, team work skill, compensation, among others. Those specifics are specially helpful to companies making welded assemblies.

How to hire the right, fit welding engineer for your company's rosy future?

Pay for degreed welding engineers

You should make clear about the pay for degreed welding engineers. Competitive pay can be highly beneficial to both the worker and the company. The worker can fuel up his/ her confidence that the employer recognizes and thinks highly of his expertise, will allow him to finish his job well. Also, the company has to give him/ her the position/ title/ level of more proper process as well as technology authority so as to justify the higher wage. That way allows him to seize more command of the enterprise’s welding and make faster and more profit-making changes. That combines higher work performance and improved retention. So, for truly skillful welding engineers, good pays and/ or bonuses can, many times, a win-win.

Job title, description, authority and function

What should be listed in the welding engineering job description?

Don’t be afraid to make a creative job titles and descriptions to get attentions and raise your choices of candidates. Point out responsibilities and authorities welding engineers will take to ensure successful welding processes and profitability. Make sure their roles really control the entire welding process scope. 

If you need make the welding engineer become a welding manager, a manufacturing welding manager, a welding engineering manager, a senior technical manager, or even at higher position, name such job titles and matched job description and pay scale. Another way, you can give a more basic job title and the commitment for job promotion within half of the year or more. 

Job experience

There are 3 ranges of experiences. Those with 2-3 years of experience can hit the ground running. Those with 7-10 years of experience can not just make prompt improvements but start to grow strategic capabilities. Those experienced in 10-15 years or more will be preparedness towards world-class welding.

Also, consider their type of experience, which is equally important. They not only should cater to your needs but also be effective as working in the welding engineering team. Time dedicated to the team with their mentor can be more appreciated than their experiencing in solo environments?


Training is one of most effective ways to motivate employees and raise the productivity – of course, such profit gains can’t be got overnight. You should make meticulous assessment of what training needs are, given your strategic goals. For the companies of which welding engineering search acts as the vital step to their excellence commitment, they need optimal impact from high performance welding training. 

Check how good your candidates' training skills are, and how well they are suited to your training needs
Then you should check how good the training skills of your candidates are, and how well they are suited to your company environment and training needs. Candidates with talent, experience, in-depth understanding of welding will be potentially make significant strategic improvements. You can ask them, “what types of welding training as well as content do you think we need take to achieve our goals? What ideal training system do you think would be for us?”. Then keep silent, listen effectively and take notes.

Thoughtfully considering strategic power

What expected strategic roles are in your company? What strategic roles does your company really need? There is often a big gap between the two, and ironically, you will need a welding engineer who can help define the actual needs. Then just wonder the question, how will you fill the strategic needs, and what the particular welding engineering position is needed to contribute?

Next, consider those questions. How well your rivals or you battle against a company with culture, quality, and profitability of welding operations that rose to an enormous degree? How bright your future would be if you sought out your rival was filling all the best jobs and landing exponentially higher profit margins than yours? How easily to catch up with them? That seems theoretical, but otherwise. That is the welding expertise inherited and empowered to develop a worldly classed team.

The best leader for the world class team is not just the experienced but the one who attempts to employ and grow excellent welding engineers. The best leader would hire and train the people that are potentially even better than him. 


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