Thursday, July 23, 2015

20 Interview Questions You Should Ask Welding Engineering Candidates

Ask your welding engineering candidates those questions for easy and effective choice of the most appropriate ones!

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HR professionals are often in such a burden of seeking out right persons dedicated to the company. They take good care of every manpower recruitment stages from job posting, short-listing to interviewing. Important interview questions are often sketched out. They are designed in ways to discover candidates’ traits, competencies, strengths, weaknesses, technical and behavioural skills, honesty, dedication, and more. When it comes to welding engineering, there are some key questions staffing professionals should ask to find out the most appropriate ones.

1. How did you become a welding engineer? (Because around 70% of ‘welding engineer’ titled positions have limited or no training in this field, this is a critical question).

2. Can you please describe your common working week as a welding engineer?

3. Which welding processes have you been formally trained in?

4. What have you learned from mistakes when being a welding engineer?

5. Which welding processes are you good at

6. What materials do you often weld?

7. What material thickness ranges have you worked with?

8. What is your biggest weakness?

9. Why should we hire you for this welding engineer position?

10. Can you describe types of welding training you have personally conducted?

11. What certifications or degrees have you got?

12. Can you illustrate how you have helped to save welding costs, or raise profitability of welding operations?

13. What do you consider as the broad responsibilities of an welding engineer in our industry?

14. Why do you apply for this welding engineer position?

15. What do you know about our company?

16. Did our pay offer attract you to this position?

17. What challenges are you seeking for in this position?

18. What can you do for us while most welding engineers can’t?

And below questions are for experienced welding engineer candidates.

19. Based on your skills, training and experience, how comfy are you in structuring and executing world-class welding in an automatic welding environment?

20. Based on your skills, training and experience, how comfy are you in structuring and executing world-class welding in the manual welding environment?

Bear in mind that some of above questions may not apply to some companies. That’s why you may consult an engineer in choosing or modifying the best questions. Still, generally, those questions are great.

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