Friday, July 24, 2015

40 Important Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Welder Candidates

Consider those welder interview questions to proceed the interview as seamlessly and effectively.

Other useful interview questions for those who are concerned about:
20 Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Welding Engineering Candidates

You are seeking for competent welders for the company? You are wondering how to ask the candidates so that you can see well how skilled they are and what are their attributes? If so, you have better to make strategic preparation for the questions to ask. They should be designed in ways that you can get what information you want from candidates,  avoid long-winded interviews and save your time and efforts, and your candidate’s .

Specified below are 40 welder interview questions that you can refer and apply flexibly to different skill levels you are looking for.

1. Can you work well under pressure?

2. Whose accountability is safety?

3. Can you please tell me about a time you disagreed with one decision made at work?

4. Can you please tell me about a challenge/ conflict you confronted at work, and how you handled it?

5. What is the most recent skill you have learned from previous jobs?

6. Why did you leave the last job?

7. What are your career goals as a welder? How do you plan to attain those goals?

8. Why do you want this position?

9. What do you about my company?

10. Why should I hire you?

11. What is your dream job?

12. What other enterprises are you interviewing with?

13. What have you done to enhance your welder knowledge last year?

14. How do you practise safety on the job?

15. Have you ever take action when seeing an unsafe act?

16. What is your biggest strength, and how does it help as a welder?

17. Can you describe in detail some of your welding work?

18. Do you get any technical experience (ex. working with computers or ipads)?

20. Metal won’t stay together after welding, why?

21. Do arc welders have to warm up?

22. Why does sometimes welding rod stick to metal?

23. Do you like building things, working with your hands?

24. Are you proud of your work and able to address high standards?

25. What is the thickest level of shielding metal you have used when arc welding?

26. What was your greatest achievement as a welder?

27. What was your biggest disappointment as a welder?

28. What do you consider functions of welding? What tasks would implement each of those functions?

29. How to do each welding function/ welding task?

30. How to measure each welding function/ welding task?

31. How to control each welding function/ welding task?

32. What are key welding tasks?

33. What are top 3 skills/ knowledge for welding?

34. What is appropriate procedure of cleaning the base metal?

35. How do I deal with high-frequency interference issues?

36. What are cause and solution to arc rectification?

37. How do I prevent tungsten from being contaminated or discoloured?

38. What causes unstable arc? How can I fix it?

39. What causes porosity of the TIG weld bead? How can I prevent it?

40. Should I employ a water-cooled or an air-cooled torch?

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