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Should I Hire Women Welders? (Part 1)

There are both upsides and downsides to hiring women welders…

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In such a male-dominated trade as welding, women welders are often considered a brave solider who accept toughness, danger, and frustration. But it doesn’t mean that this job experience is not rewarding and fun, even a thousand times more rewarding than other trades. Acting as a stellar employer who knows how to let the upsides beat the downsides, you will be immensely benefited from recruiting women welders
Should I hire women welders?

Upsides of hiring women welders

1. They are often more hard-working than men

They may not be the best all the time though, never ever are they the laziest. Women welding workers are often diligent and show can-do attitude. Once they are willing to pursue what set fire in their heart and mind, they will accept sweaty, dirty, and probably burns and cuts at some point. 

2. They are awesome

They are just so amazing for words. They are strong, of course. They are steadfast, of course. They are sacrificing, of course. They are respectable, of course. They are really good welding workers, of course.

Working in a tough working environment with all guys around is not always easy. Still, women that accept to enter this battle and conquer it are just so awesome. Who don’t want such a physically and mentally strong, dedicated, passionate and diligent worker?

3. Some of them are the best welders

Some of them are, no doubt, the best welders with all their sacrifice and efforts. It must take lots of courage to leave things familiar with them and become cool at a new environment with such problems that are kind of alien, or obsessive to women as dirty hands, burns, worsened skin, among others. Once they accept those things, they don’t want to give up and strive to attain rewarding things to make up for their sacrifice. 

That’s why many of them are the best welders with certifications, skills, experience, and moving on their career. 

4. They are skilled

It is a pity that there are not enough women in such trades as welding, electric, plumbing.  No matter what their sizes are, every women working in the welding field are generally great, especially with TIG. For those who don’t super at TIG, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with them. They will follow you off the ends of the earth and be willing to learn and skill up if you take them under your wing.

To say nothing about the current trend that women are more educated than men, and they can be a master at work with their hard work, talent and smartness. 

5. They  complement your workforce

If you’re worried about welder commitment, it will be a good idea to have women welders in your human resources. They will help uplift the working environment, motivate other welders.

Male welders are universally more satisfied at the workplace with some women fellow workers. Gender differences, especially pertaining to communication, often are the cause of interesting conversation and much laughter. That’s not all, the gender differences make the workplace less boring and just lively like a colourful flowers, which is specially needed in the pretty tedious workplace like welding shops. The differences are, indeed, reflected through the thought processes, giving orders, expressing feelings, tackling problems, achieving goals, giving feedback, asking questions, etc. For example, while men are often more direct when giving feedbacks, women are more tactful and sensitive. Both men and women are devoted to attaining goals, but they do so in different fashions. Men are often more focused on the result, and tasked oriented. Meanwhile, women shed more focus on the process toward accomplishing the goals, and they are often more people oriented. That why a workplace with both men and women will be more interesting, harmonious.

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6. Welding work is much safer than in previous years

There are significant improvements in equipment, engineering, procedures, training for mitigation of injuries. Welding shops these days are not an absolutely safe place for women though, it isn’t definitely a too dangerous one.

7. Discrimination is not that serious

As far as different treatment, the younger male welders at many welding shops treat the female ones well. And most of the older ones are be fine, too. Also, it should be noted that welders are often terrified of the superiors, then they won’t dare to cross the line.

It will be much better if your female welder gets her certification. It would be a shame that men don’t respect a woman. Even if they aren’t willing to respect her, they will have to respect her certifications. 

On a more positive note, many male welders are extremely kind to the female. The younger view women welders as their respectable senior while the older view them as the daughter or the like. They are golden, treated with respect. Once your female welder treats others as she wants to be treated, she will get the same.


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