Thursday, March 24, 2016

Aluminum Welding Safety Precautions – Do You Know?

Welding does raise safety issues, especially welding aluminum. But proper aluminum welding safety precautions will ensure your welders stay safe and sound, improving productivity. 

Safety in welding has been a hot topic in this industry. Aside from general safety measures, aluminum welding safety precautions should be highlighted. You know, aluminum welding is different from other welding in many ways. Due to unique characteristics of aluminum, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe and productive working environment. Ensure your welders are noticed of below things when welding this metal:

1. The appearance of heated aluminum doesn’t change

It is much more difficult to differentiate cold material from hot material when welding aluminum. More complicatedly, aluminum has about 4 times the thermal conductivity of steel. That’s why welders are recommended to label the recently completed welds as ‘hot’ and wear leather gloves to reduce the injury risk. 

2. Aluminum welding can cause electric shock. 

Just like steel welding, aluminum welding can cause electric shock, but for different reasons. In steel welding, a high-frequency arc starting option is initially applied, and then turn off in the end. In aluminum welding, this option must stay active for the weld duration; and in turn, the risk of electric shock increases. A well-insulated welding system and proper grounding can help protect welding workers in such cases.

3. Aluminum has high reflectivity. 

When welding steel, radiated light is a common concern, but it can be a serious problem in aluminum welding. Due to its high reflectivity, aluminum becomes a bigger threat when it comes to light-caused injuries. Luckily, such measures as long-sleeved clothing and light-blocking curtains can help minimize your exposure. 

4. Aluminum fumes are known as a throat irritant when inhaled, and can even cause a host of chronic symptoms. 

These symptoms include decreased nervous system performance, pulmonary fibrosis, impaired cognitive function, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, motor dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy. To protect their breathing zone and surrounding working area, welders should: ensure cleaned welding surfaces to avoid toxic exposure; position themselves to avoid breathing welding fumes (for example, stay upwind when welding in outdoor or open environments); apply general ventilation, natural or forced movement of fresh air; use local exhaust ventilation systems; consider substituting a less toxic or lower fume-generating welding type or consumable; have respiratory protection.

As you can see, there are safety issues from aluminum welding, but the proper precautions will ensure your welders stay safe and sound, improving productivity. Check out here to have more in-depth look at safety in welding. They are helpful information, tips given by Vietnam welding manpower supplier 


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