Thursday, March 17, 2016

12 Best Welding Songs for Your Playlist


Just wander around the Internet, searching for welding songs to find out that there have not been one full playlist of songs about this occupation on the Internet, not even a list of some nice songs. And funnily enough, there are lots of search results about wedding songs instead of welding songs. That’s why for the post today, I will be listing as many as good songs about welding for you to complete your welding playlist. Enjoy!

1. "Welding Burns" - Rod Picott

This pure and simple song stole my heart right from the first time I heard it. Being a welder is the best thing in this world. Listening to this song, and you sure will be much prouder that you are one of hard working, tough welders. And as it's so real, it can touch someone's heart deeply to the extent that makes them cry. “Some things you’re born to. Some things you better learn. My father was born bone, muscle and blood, and welding burns”.  These lines kept lingering on my head and coming into my heart.

2. “He’s a welder” - E. Frank Murphy

Love this song. Composed by a Canadian E. Frank Murphy, it is about a real welder. The video and the song match perfectly. “He used to be a pretty nice feller...but now, he's a welder.” Great lyrics!

E. Frank Murphy also has other welding songs and they are available on iTunes. They are, “He used to be a welder”, “He’s still a welder.”

3. “Pipeline blues” - E. Frank Murphy

The song rocks and nice pictures, too

4. “Jock the singing welder” – Sting

This song is performed by Sting and appears on album “The last ship” (2013). The lyrics are great, and like other songs above, the welder in this song pulls off confident, optimistic, passionate, aspiring vibe. The song starts with “Any shipyard man can sing when he works upon the hull, Amongst the noise and the clamour that he all but disregards, So he'll sing to himself and no one pays him any mind, He's just another crazy welder in the shipyards.”

5. “Welding Man” - Cody Cooke

A great song. It sounds like a welder’s sincere talks about his working life.

6. "Welding Son of a Gun" - Chuck Hawthorne

The healing song has a timeless quality. It is about a gun who turned over a new leaf when deciding to become a welder. The welding machine puts holes in his shirt, but keeps his spirit clean, helps him get a cast-iron steady hand, a hammer-forged heart. Welding makes him shining more than ever.

7. “The Welder Master Of Mig” - The Whippet Beans

A fun song about welding. It is catchy with nice rhythm section.

8. “Only In America” - Brooks and Dunn

This country song is not dedicated to welding, but it has one nice line about welder “a welder's son and a banker's daughter”.

9. “There's A Wild One Going On” - Tig Wired

This is a great song about welders, fitters, riggers, pipe fitters, boilermakers, etc...

10. “Neodymium Man” - Vicious Rumors

11. “Pipeline boys” - Boss Cotton & The Pipeline Boys

12. Welding Trophy Song

I am just wondering what more good songs about welding are. If any song is missing from this list, let me know in the comment below.


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