Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 greatest new technologies that are transforming welding today


Welding has been developing and evolving more quickly than ever before. New technology breakthroughs have made welding more accurate, efficient and cost-effective. Below is how they are revolutionizing welding!

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1. Surface tension transfer process

Surface tension transfer process (STT) developed and patented by Lincoln Electric is intended for boosting productivity by replacing such older welding methods as gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding. The benefits of this process include: reducing welding fumes and typical spatters, decreasing amount of time spent to train someone in welding technology, and increasing speed. STT welding is ideal when working with stainless steels and galvanized steel.

2. Friction stir welding


Automakers around the world are continuously looking for new ways to reduce manufacturing costs without scarifying quality and automotive safety. Companies like Honda Motor have relied on aluminum as a lower cost material, and to ensure the process of joining aluminum and steel is simple and safe, they have innovated new forms of friction stir welding. This new method helps generate more stable, secure bond between two materials by moving a rotating tool on the top of aluminum, which is then bonded to steel.

Honda engineers also have developed assembly line techniques that helps with mass production of vehicles utilizing friction stir welding – for example, a six-axis robot. According to the Assembly Manager, by replacing the conventional steel sub-frame with one comprising aluminum and steel, Honda engineers can reduce body weight by 25%. This highly efficient method also helped reduced up to 50% electricity costs during the welding process.

NASA – the hottest name in launch technology, has applied this innovative welding technique to develop the world’s largest welding tool. See more here.

3. Laser welding


Laser welding is quite new technique that involves conversing light energy into heat energy. The radiation emitted through laser welding allows beams to travel larger distances with suffering considerable loss of quality. Though initial costs for laser welding is higher than conventional spot welding methods, a significant reduction in cycle time eventually makes laser welding more efficient option.

4. Resistance spot welding


Resistant spot welding has to do with direct application of opposing forces using the pointed-tip electrodes. General Motors has availed this technique in producing lighter weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles from aluminum. By getting rid of about 2 pounds of rivets from the vehicles’ hood, doors and lift gates, engineers can utilize that weight surplus in other vehicle areas if necessary. Thanks to the resistance spot welding technology, aluminum pieces can be directly welded together using a multi-ringed dome electrode.

Keep up with changes in welding technology

In wake of rapid development of new welding technology, it’s more important than ever for your welders to be most current about changes in the technology. Being familiar with STT, resistance spot welding and friction stir welding is especially important. Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Company ensure supplying your company with welders who are willing to learn and keep up-to-date with modern technologies. For any demand, don’t hesitate to contact us: (+84) 949 594 116 I


  1. hottest name in launch technology, has applied this innovative welding technique to develop the world’s largest welding tool. See more here. Welding Trades

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