Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Kind of Welding Fumes Management Your Facility Needs?


Proper management of welding fumes is not only morally and legally imperative but also a proven way to improving productivity and quality. A safe and comfortable workplace helps better employee performance, boosts productivity and thus adds to your company’s competitive advantage. 

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Below is a 4-phase approach that you can use to evaluate the kind of welding fumes management your facility needs. Each phase is a possible solution to managing fumes. If you find that the phase you are considering isn’t enough to help your shop, move on to the next one.

1. Substitution

Review welding processes of your shop. It is possible to reduce fume production by changing some of the current materials. For example, you can substitute the current shielding gas with a cleaner alternative. 

2. Isolation

If substitution isn’t enough, consider capturing fumes by using vacuum extraction methods or through hoods arranged over welding zones. Fume extraction systems come in various shapes and sizes with assorted vacuum intensities and air volume displacement abilities. That means you have lots of options for fume management

3. Ventilation

If the two phases above aren’t feasible, ensuring that your workshop has good airflow is an advisable way to reduce welding fumes

4. Safe work practices

Exposure to welding fumes can be reduced by improving the safety measures, using improved housekeeping methods, using better personal protective equipment, and even ensuring proper body positioning. For instance, such respiratory protection as half masks, dust masks, supplied air solutions can reduce your workers’ exposure to fumes. Still, these respirators will be fully effective if they are well maintained, properly fit and have clean filters. They also should be tested to make sure they are compliant to OSHA safety standards. By combining the utilization of better equipment with improved housekeeping practices, you can substantially reduce fume exposure in your workshop. 

Though you’re recommended to consider these phases in order, any improvements to your shop are a positive. That’s why if using substitution and improved housekeeping practices are both feasible ways of reducing welding fumes, don’t just stop at substitution. 

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