Saturday, August 1, 2015

Women in Welding: 10 Interesting Facts that You May not Know

Interesting facts about women in welding to see more about how women welders have been doing in that man’s world.

Women in welding have been truly one of a kind in the male-dominated field like welding. With great efforts, resilient mind, they have made miracles from when the world hit hard with the war storm to the world peace. Just like eternal flowers, they brave storms and shine out over the sun. 

1. Women kicked off welding careers from World War II.

Women were active in the storm of war
During World War II, over 310,000 women had jobs of welding, engine repair, riveting in the US aircraft industry.

Women have been pursuing welding careers since World War II. To relieve the serious shortage of workers during the war, many manufacturing plants turned to women. They filled the seats left by the men serving. While doing the job men left behind, they still played a good role as moms and wives!

2. Women welders do a lot for space industry

Veronica Gonzalez – a welder at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), has welded pieces for the astronaut jet-packs.Other women welders have been employed on air planes and space shuttles. They often make wonderful welders due to their size. Their small build can be a good fit into spaces that larger people have to give in.

3. During World War II, men training welding for women was part of the national defence program in USA.
World War II propaganda photograph (US)
4. Women just hold for 5% of welders in the US.

In the mist of increasing need of certified and skilled welding workforce, the U.S. Department of Labor estimate a 15% rise in welding occupations by 2020.

5. By nature, women have two important qualities in welding – those are, patience and steady hands.

6. Women welders with higher creativity than men can create many arts of life. They have been the creative input for your welding manpower.

7. An increasing number of women are viewing welding as a good, lucrative career choice. Indeed, there are more and more women aspiring to welding career, as reported by many welding schools. They have seen welding as a rewarding, secure occupation that would be good for their families and themselves. This is also the good news for the employers when they have more seats to fill and a limited number of welders available to occupy them. This trend would make a good time for women to start their proper vocational training and education in welding.
A broad sky for willing women welders! (Photo Cr: Women Welders Facebook)
8. Welding can be challenging and stressful to women though, there are not few feel that it’s not any more pressured than past careers they have followed. If women know what job demands they will address and are ready for handling hard work and long working hours, the welding environment won’t be that tough. Let alone, the benefits from welding career significantly outweigh its demands and stress. With the open door for years, a higher number of women are choosing welding as their career.
Welding is a hard work though, it is much rewarding, too (Photo Cr: Women Welders Facebook)
9. Amid higher number of women entering welding world, many manufacturers of welding safety gear have made welding gloves, aprons, jackets that fit the women’s size and body. This also comes with a new customer base that safety clothing enterprises can make use of to reap rewards.

10. Along with women engagement in welding jobs, lots of companies have adjusted their belief of welding just for men. Indeed, women are quite competent of producing any weld type of quality that men can do. What they are asking for is just to be offered the chance to prove their skills as good, even better than male welders.
How beautiful steadfast women welders are! (Photo Cr:Women Welders Facebook)


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