Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Is How Vietnam Welders Transform Trash into Beast, Cyclo

Welders from Vietnam have unlashed their creativity to turn industrial scraps into elaborate welding arts. This is how they rock it!


Workers are fully equipped with tools for creating innovative welding arts.


Special welding tools are used when it comes to small welds that require high accuracy.
Industrial scraps like hoses, spark plugs, motorcycle plugs, etc. are collected from garages and scrap buyers. They are then cleaned, grinded and polished before being assembled and fabricated.


When all needed are in good shape, it’s welders’ turn to transform the scraps into beautiful arts. They are really artists when creating original, splendid items using their creativity, great care and nicety of detail.



It often takes 3-5 years for a welder to become proficient in welding small details. And it takes lots of steps to create an art work. 

To make a motorbike, workers need create lots of parts from scraps. The scraps are classified in ways that suit to each part of the vehicle. For example, the engine is made of 6 spark plugs; scrap bearings are used to make wheels; gas tanks are created from water valves. Also, iron bars are bent into appropriate shapes. 
The welded parts are then color plated and polished for finished products like these. They are well loved for their uniqueness and creativity.

Welding arts created by Vietnam welders
Cyclo welding art. The cyclo is a 3-wheel bicycle taxi appearing in Vietnam during the French colonial period following a failed attempt to introduce rickshaws.
The above photos are taken from a workshop in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. And full credit for content is given to Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Company – No.1 leading welding manpower provider trusted since 2000.


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