Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How can I Weld Aluminum Without a Welder?


This is how on brazing aluminum with brazing rods using a propane torch on building the lift top coffee table. Items used here are propane torch, torch trigger, aluminum welding rods, aluminum tubing. Using torch and rods is a quick way to bond aluminum without using welder. Kindly follow step below to have your strong 'weld' in a quick fashion.

Step 1: Propane torch


The blue Bernzomatic will work fine though, using the yellow premium torch is preferred because it's hotter and works quicker.

Step 2: Brazing rods


You will also need aluminum brazing rods.

Step 3: Cutting aluminum tubing


What you may love about using aluminum is that it's soft enough to cut with just ordinary saw blades.

Step 4: Chamfering edges


Then chamfer the edges to enable a channel for the brazing material.

Step 5: Wire brushing aluminum


The aluminum is importantly clean before brazing.

Step 6: Heating up aluminum


Clamp up your tubing, and start heating the aluminum using a propane torch. Aluminum will begin to melt at 1200 degree Fahrenheit, but the brazing rod will melt at about 700 degree. So just get the aluminum hot enough to melt that rod without melting the tubing. It may take 4-5 minutes to get the tubing hot enough. When it's hot enough, the rod begin to melt on contact.

Step 7: Brazing the aluminum


Rub the rod along the channel until it is filled in and use some more heat to finish it off. If you fail to get the aluminum hot enough, the rod will clump up and not stick to your tubing.

You can the video for this whole process. Hope you enjoy watching it!



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