Thursday, August 6, 2015

Women Welders: Companies in Middle East Keenly Sought for them

Women welders are in demand in Middle East because they are perceived to have some qualities that the employers find important.

Females appear to be hunted hard in the Middle East as they are deemed possessing some qualities that bosses find critical, said Joel Villanueva, General Director of Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (Tesda, Philippines). 

According to the official responsible for overseeing the country’s technical and vocational education, women are considered meticulous. They are also a pretty serious type. As said by Villanueva, one  reason why women welders are in demand in Middle East is while men often go out at night, women will come back to the dorm after their work. The men are out whilst women fall asleep.

Those from Middle East have been one of the biggest recruiters of Filipino women welders. 

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