Monday, August 24, 2015

Cool Welding Facts with Image – Fact #2

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This fact would address welding job salary. You know, welding skills are now in hot demand. Many employers are, indeed, facing serious shortage of welders with specific skills that they need. They are seeking hard for talents, coordinating with vocational schools to train well new generation of welders, and using attractive perks and benefits, and others to retain experienced welders. Amidst that skill shortage, welders will be paid high if they equip themselves with enough required knowledge and skills and show good codes of ethic. With efforts and skills, they can easily earn just about the same as doctors, or the like. As said by Richard Seif - the senior vice president of global marketing at Lincoln Electric, Cleveland that makes all types of welding equipment and get wide reputation for welding training - "The more types of welding you master, the more you can earn". Specially, high skilled welders willing to travel or/ and work in hazardous conditions can get amazingly paid.


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