Monday, August 31, 2015

A Father Dedicates Whole Year to Welding Astonishingly Giant Transformer for His Son

The giant transformer this guy welded with clever hand, steadfast mind and especially sweetest heart may have made him the world’s coolest father.

A Chinese father may have been titled Father of the Year after realizing his beloved son’s wish – welding a huge Transformer statue.

Wang Liansheng – a shipping welder from Suqian, Eastern Chian, kicked off making the 16-foot Bumblebee model for his dear son after seeing this Hollywood blockbuster, as reported by People’s Daily Online. This sincere gift for his son has now made this man famous when locals have flocked to admire the construction.

An impressive welding art starts from a promise

Wang Liansheng with his enormous Transformer
He revealed that he began building this Transformer in August 2014, after he watched the film with his son. As his son wanted a Transformer, Wang bought him a toy model. But it wasn’t enough for the little one who wanted a bigger robot. He recalled telling his son: “Daddy can’t afford a big model. How about I made you one?” 

Then, to keep this promise, Wang started collecting scrap car parts from a junk yard to make this model with his brother’s help.

He used scrap car parts for construction.

The process is far from easy

Working as a shipyard welder for over a decade, Wang obtained all the proper skills though, it wasn’t plain sailing.

After making the frame and fitting initial parts, he didn’t know how to go on. Wang revealed: “I had to search for pictures on the internet, and tried to figure things out step by step.”

He had to start again on some occasions, because the parts did not fit together as Wang had initially imagined.
He spent one year on the project and figured out things along the way.
A whole year is such a long time to implement a project though, he didn’t mind. He told that because the shipping business hadn’t been very good from the beginning of last year, he had had less work. That’s why he had had much time to work on that project. “We also have lots of space in our yard, which makes it possible”, he added.

Dedication finally pays

A year later, he finally successfully finished welding this life-size model. He asked a painter to apply the signature yellow paint to create Bumblebee. 
The final statue is astonishingly giant.
This Bumblebee was about 16 feet high and 10 feet wide and astonishingly 3 tons heavy. 

Make it a business

Wang is now planning to make a huge Optimus Prime, and has already built the frame.

Whilst the first Transformer is dedicated to his son, Wang expects the second to become a business. Wang optimistically revealed that he was thinking about the future; if that became big in the future, he could afford for welder hiring.

Wang is planning to construct a giant Optimus Prime, and he has already built the frame. He hopes to make this a business in the future.

Wang turns out not to be the only person…

He isn’t the only one to DIY an enormous Bumblebee from scrap parts. A Chinese artist made a yellow Transformer of 6.5 meter tall from 3 junked cars in 2012. Also, a welder from center China built one from scrap car and motorbike parts in 2011.

A giant Bumblebee was seen in Xiamen, Southeast China's Fujian Province, September 26th, 2012. It is 6.5 meters high from 3 scrapped cars.

Welder Xiong Wei in center China made a Bumblebee model from waste car and motorbike parts in 12 days. It is 2.7 meters high.

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