Friday, August 7, 2015

21 Fitter Welder Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Candidates

It is important to find the suitable ones for your company. Otherwise, there would induce subsequent difficulties – for example, they can’t adapt to the company culture and sooner or latter will quit; they are incapable of doing the job; they are skilled though, their dedication is still a question; etc. As the recruitment process is that crucial, you should take it with best care for none of later regret. The short-list round, of course, will choose those with background and capability you need. Specially, pay attention to their can-do attitude that can be hinted from their qualities shown in their CV. That will be followed by you interviewing your short-listed candidates. This round is truly important, completing your feel of the candidate, whether they can do the job, what is important to them, and whether they will be a good fit to your operation. Also, check your candidates’ preparedness through what they wear. This applies to just about every hiring processes; welding manpower recruitment is not an exception.

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Below are some most common interview questions that you shouldn't miss to ask your  fitter welder candidates. 


1. How do you work under pressure?
2. How would your fellow workers describe you?
3. Of whom responsibility is safety?
4. Can you introduce a little about yourself?
5. Can you tell me a time that you didn’t agree with one decision made at work?
6. Can you tell me a conflict or challenge you confront at work, and how you handled it?
7. Have you ever been dismissed? If so, can you  tell me why?

Leadership/Skill Level

1. Where did you learn to become a fitter welder?
2. How about your job practice about safety?
3. What is your biggest strength, and how does it help you when being a fitter welder?
4. Can you describe in detail some of your welding work?
5. Explain one time that you have used your leadership skills.
6. How do you deal with fellow workers without getting their jobs done?
7. Can you work with computers or iPads?

Commitment level

1. What are your career goals?
2. What was your hardest welding job?
3. Why are you our best welding candidate?
4. Why should we employ you?
5. Why do you want this position?
6. What’s your dream job?
7. What other enterprises are you interviewing with?

What your candidates should wear…

The candidates should turn up with clean and well-groomed clothes. Also appreciate those that bring their helmet, welding jacking, gloves in the event of being asked to do a welding trade test

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