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Welding in Vietnam: In-demand and Good Pay Occupation

Welding is now one of the most in-demand occupations with handsome pay in Vietnam.  Kindly check details below.

Like other mechanical occupations, welding has been gathering numerous employees as a result of its big labor force demand and attractive pay

Such a big demand for welding manpower

There now increases welding workforce demand in Vietnam and the world. As shown in the statistics by Bureau of Vocational Training (MOLISA), with the good welding skills, the welders-to-be have been topping the list of graduated trainees with highest employability (to be specific, up to 92.5%)

Indeed, this job demand is enormous to the extent that demand is higher than the supply. As shared by Mr. Dang Trung Dung, one lecturer of mechanical department – Cao Thang Engineering College, Ho Chi Minh city, many enterprises have, from time to time, had him introduce welders. Still, regrettably, there is not enough Vietnam manpower to address such big demands. Similarly, International Vocational Association Vabis –Hong Lam that is advantageous with mechanical vocational training, especially welding has failed to supplied adequate number of workers for local enterprises and export market.

As listed by Lilama2 school (Ba Ria – Vung Tau), this school’s welding graduates are more highly demanded. To be specific, quarter I/ 2011 witnessed 8 company requests for 250 welders; 6 companies with requests for about 150 welders were recognized in quarter II/ 2011; in quarter III/ 2011, 8 enterprises needed hire 250 welders; quarter IV/ 2011 came with 11 companies in need of employing over 400 welding workers. Since 2012, the demand for welders has been keeping high. There are lots of enterprises in demand for hundreds of welding jobs – for example, Zamil Steel Vietnam Company, Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company, etc.

Why Choose Welding Occupation?

Welding has been around for centuries. It is especially important for manufacturing industries. For example, in U.S, up to 50% of products have been manufactured thanks in part to welding. Incredibly, all of those familiar products can’t be created without welding – cars, motorbikes, bridges, ships, computers, medical device, hand phones, to name a few. Chasing this occupation means pursuing a better life not only for the workers themselves but also for others.

Welding jobs are now heading the list for most in-demand occupations. As analyzed by International Institute of Welding (IIW) and American Welding Association (AWS), those in pursuit of welding technique always stand an ample chance of being most current about new knowledge of energy, material, controlling device, equipment, etc. That way will aid them in creating amazing products for human beings. 

Amid today’s industrialization and modernization, those well trained of welding will enjoy attractive job opportunities in the large manufacturing industries – for example,
- Petroleum industry (manufacturing, repairing rig base, oil pipelines, storage tanks)
- Ships manufacturing
- Aircraft industry
- Petrochemical, chemical industry
- Hydroelectric, thermoelectric industry
- Cement industry
- Bridge, tunnel industry

Handsome pay up to tens of million dong

Good pay is guaranteed
Welding can be said to be among the hottest jobs with truly high salary those days. It doesn’t take long for fresh gradates from welding training centers to be employed in local companies with the average salary of 4-5 millions dong/ month. The figure is far higher for those with welding certificates 3G-6G, especially for those skilled and working overseas. There are now available many offshore welding manpower supplies in Vietnam. Welders of 4-6G competence sent to Japan are often paid 800 USD/ month and more. As Middle East is really in need of 6G welders working in the oil and gas factories, the skilled welders can make salary negotiation with the employers.

According to Mrs. Truong Thi Phuong – Head of Department of Vabis – Hong Lam, the wage rate for welders is high those days, 6-7 millions dong per month. As per the offshore welding job posting in Japan by Lilama2, the monthly pay rate for the first working year is 20-25 million dong, and higher at 30 million dong or more from the second year (exclusive of overtime pay).

As collected from job seeking websites, there have been numerous demands for welders in the construction of factory, prefab houses, skyscrapers, pipelines, and others. The salary given is commonly from 4.5 million dong to 1,000 USD reliant on the work type whether local jobs or exported jobs.

Vietnamese workers overseas will enjoy the really handsome salary rate equivalent to their competency and performance, especially welders properly trained and internationally certificated – for instance, DVS welding certificate authorized by IIW and tested and supplied by HwC. 

Less cost and time consuming training

It’s not difficult for you to make welding your career. It isn’t important whether you have no idea of welding occupation, a high school graduate, or whatever. What is important is that you are ensured of physical health and self-motivation.

A job that you can work out and enjoy rock music

Some people consider welding as a tiring work and welders as those with dirty hands and obsession with unblemished skin. Still, on a brighter note, this is the best job. It is welders who work out and keep fit. It is welders who make clean money with their dirty hands. And it is welders who make metal and rock music when welding.

High chances of career advancement

Students from vocational schools can find a job for money and experience accumulation while they are studying. If they are quite good at English and computer use, they can work for foreign companies with the salary of thousands of dollars. After 3-5 years of working as 6G welding professionals, learning English and office computer skills, and others, they can sit for the welding teaching certification exam to become welding teachers, welding supervisors, welding inspector or welding engineers. This is among ways they can become an engineer without getting hold of a university degree.

In short, welding has been an in-demand and good pay job in Vietnam. Of course, there is none of workplace will pay high for jobs that can be handled by anyone. If you want a high wage, you should know to do what many people can’t do. Vietnamese welders have impressed foreign employers as being clever, hard working, intelligent. They favor hiring Vietnamese welders and accept to pay them high. Then why don’t we keep trying to make that good impression never sway, but better over time? Do our best for our sake!


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