Tuesday, June 23, 2015

8 Top Benefits of Hiring Vietnamese Welders

Check out 8 top benefits foreign employers would gain from employing Vietnamese welders!

When you are looking abroad for talents, you will face certain challenges. This recruitment type will take time, cost and effort. Of course, the difficulties will be greatly reduced with the help of trusted offshore manpower agencies that can be by your side seamlessly overcoming the challenges and provide quick and reliable services. Despite the difficulties, you clearly see benefits of hiring internationally. If you are operating in the welding industry, employing Vietnam welders will be immensely beneficial. 

1. Vietnamese welders are skilled 

Many employers say, it is hard to find skilled welders those days. While the domestic workforce is not adequate in terms of quantity and quality, employers resort to hiring overseas workers. And one of the wise choices is Vietnam manpower. Welders from Vietnam are qualified with essential skills – for example, ability to read blueprints, awareness of safety standards, concentration, math and science, detail orientation, good eyesight, metallurgical knowledge, knowledge of welding tools and equipment, manual dexterity, eye for the arc, and more.  

2. They are hard working with low absenteeism

Vietnamese welders have impressed foreign employers as being clever, hard working, intelligent. Also, rarely do they take a leave because they are determined to stay and work in a strange country for their beloved family sake. How can they be absent from work without be paid when thinking of their children and wife working hard at home and awaiting money they send to home? That can partly reason why the foreign employers favor hiring welders from Vietnam and accept to pay them high.

3. Work ethic is extremely high

As reported by many employers, ‘can-do’ attitude is becoming rare in the today workforce. Some workers fail to learn the work ethic towards becoming a skilled welder. That way may result in a negative attitude about welding. This doesn’t apply to most of Vietnamese welders. Once they leave the home country, they are determined to be professional in their employment and earn lots of money, fending for their family. Plus, they are well trained in vocational schools and by the employment agency they trust. That’s why their work ethic is truly high. 

4. They are dedicated to overseas jobs

Vietnamese welders go to work outside of Vietnam, and consider that country as a promising land. Rather, they come with a firm desire to succeed in their new environment. It may be difficult to leave the family and friends behind and struggle with the new life. Still, Vietnamese welders leave being fearless in pursuit of a better life for their family and themselves. They choose to devote to the offshore jobs, especially working in the Middle East, Asian countries for the following reasons:

Work export fees to those countries are cheaper than in developed ones like the US, Australia, Germany, etc.

The pay is higher than it is in Vietnam, and experienced welders are in high demand overseas. For instance, a welder in Vietnam is often paid 4-5 million dong/ month. Comparatively, the work in Dubai is less tiring with better labor safety protection and salary 3 times higher. The welders are recommended to work in Malaysia as the employment export fee to Malaysia is considered the lowest. Specially, welder salary in this country can be on a par with other markets of Japan, Taiwan, etc. The Vietnamese welding employees would also love to work in Japan or Korean as a result of high possibility of being hired, good benefits and salary there. In the US, the average wage for overseas welding jobs is $56,000/ year. The salaries for welding occupations can vary greatly by enterprise, location, industry, experience and benefits.

There are available modern device and equipment; working environment is safe; living standard is high; and social security is satisfying.

5. They are brave and strong in tough living and working circumstances

Vietnamese workers are truly determined and brave when it comes to what sets their soul on fire. The welding workers are not an exception. And those working is Dubai is a good example. The weather in Dubai is very harsh. While it is hottest at just 36-38oC in Vietnam, the summer heat in 3 months in Dubai is just burning up to 50-54oC. Such a torturing heat can’t frighten the workers here after all. They are, over time, get familiar to it, and work hard for their job accomplishment. 

6. Hire Vietnamese welders to fill the skill gap in your company

If you find it not easy to seek available welders in your country, especially with the experience, skills that match the industries your company serves, you can look for talents in Vietnam. They come with different levels of skills and experience and are ensured of behavioral skills.

7. Vietnamese welders help add to the work experience and contribute to your rich employee culture

Your employees are inside and outside of your country? If so, the muti-cultural background of your employees will help enhance the work experience and add complement to a rich employee culture, which is something extremely valuable.

8. Vietnamese welders are rigorously selected, well trained and committed of quantity and quality by Vietnam manpower agencies

VMST supplied Vietnamese Welders for The Gulf Encyclopedia .C & A/C
Aside from being properly trained in vocational schools, the Vietnamese welders to be  sent overseas must overcome the rigorous recruitment and selection process and have their skills and behavior well trained to address the client’s requirements. One of the most trusted offshore employment agencies in Vietnam is Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST). Its recruitment process includes sourcing and screening workers nationwide; organizing job applications and resumes; arranging theoretical and practical tests, arranging for its clients to interview applicants; medical check-up; passport and criminal recorded; intensive training; application for visa; ticketing and emigration. That way, VMST always ensures to supply you with the right persons that fit your company. 

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